Guys, admittedly, you may not get this.

Every few weeks, are there braziers strewn about every hangable surface in your home?  Sometimes you these things grow on trees???


(For some reasons, at some ski resorts, it's "tradition" to throw your bra onto a tree when on the chair lift.  For me, bras are far too expensive to toss into nature...but I digress!)

There's a new invention that promises to safely dry your bras without the worry of them being destroyed in the washer/dryer.  It's called -- cleverly -- The Bra Dryer.  It kind of looks like a Viking costume, but this futuristic creation says it will safely dry your bra in 20 to 30 minutes while maintaining it's shape.

Want one?  It'll set ya back between $150-$200.  You're welcome! :)