Summertime is the time of year to not only enjoy the weather, but enjoy the delicious foods that come with it.

And who doesn't love a very popular, yet typical, summer treat...s'mores, of course!

A listener named Lisa emailed me about her favorite summer memories of growing up in a small Mississippi town. Back in a simpler time, Lisa and her friends were entertained by skipping rocks at the lake, filling up water balloons with the hose, putting together a pick-up baseball game, playing hopscotch, riding bikes, climbing trees, building forts, waving at the train engineer as the train slowly chugged thru town....

There is something irreplaceable about those old summer memories, the ones that occurred before computers landed in every home and smart phones landed in every hand. The good news is those days still exist. Sure you have to pry your family away from status updates but when you do, the slightly smoky, gooey bonfire s'mores will be oh so worth it.

Let me help you get ready for that memorable moment, and then some, by offering you the chance to win one of my most delicious prize packages yet. When you share your summer ritual, memory or tradition with me, you could be selected for my Ultimate DOVE® Chocolate S'mores Kit, which includes:

- DOVE® Dark Chocolate
- Graham Crackers
- Roasting Sticks

- $200 Gift Card

Go to the official contest page and enter to win now! Bring back that good summer feeling of youthful joy and innocence, and make it better with the amazing, delectable DOVE® Chocolate difference. It's my favorite s'mores ingredient, (gooey) hands down! You may have to forgive yourself for not having tried it sooner. Good luck!

Do YOU have a summer memory that stands out from many others? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post