Opening Day is almost here!  Thursday at 2:05p, the season in Buffalo officially begins as the Bisons face the Red Wings!

There have been just a few protocols that have changed, and while we're giving away some tickets today, we just want to make sure you're aware.

  • Fans are STRONGLY encouraged to sport some Bison red gear, as internal studies have proven that the specific Pantone color attracts warmth and detracts cloud cover, but only in massive numbers.  Please try to do your part.
  • It is preferred that left-handed fans select seats along the 3rd base line, as yet another internal study has shown a 68% increase in successful foul-ball catches (which make GREAT souveniers for the kids!) when left-handed fans are seated there.  The study determined left-handed folks tend to eat/drink concessions with their dominant hand, leaving their right (non-dominant hand) to attempt a catch.  They are almost always caught by right-handed counterparts.
  • Regardless of where you park (street, lots, garage), fans are asked to place the car in park, and honk the horn in a "1,2...1,2,3" rhythm...the same rhythm that we chant "LET'S GO, BUFF-A-LO!" at the games.  Lot attendants and street monitors will enforce this policy.  Again, internal studies have shown that when this "battle cry" is done with a car horn, the odds of the Bisons winning jumps to a staggering 97%.
  • Finally, the stadium is asking that during the 7th inning stretch, all fans to turn their baseball caps with the bill of the hat facing West.  This is cut down on sun-glare for the players as the sun begins to cross the sky.

So to review, wear "Bison Red" to help direct atmospheric effects, left-handed patrons are asked to sit on the 3rd base line side, battle-cry your horn before leaving your vehicle, and during the 7th inning stretch, all caps must be turned to face west.

With all these in mind, we should have a GREAT home opener!