The Buffalo Bisons are so sick of this rainy, cold weather that they are GUARANTEEING RECORD TERMPERATURES for their four-game series against the Charlotte Knights, May 21-24 at Coca-Cola Field.

According to the National Weather Service, the highest recorded temperature in May in Buffalo over the last 67 years was 91°, last recorded in 2006. If the temperature in Buffalo does not at least reach that milestone by noon on this Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, BISONS TICKETS WILL BE SLASHED TO JUST $7.00 for each game that day. The discounted ticket price will also include a FREE HOT DOG AND DRINK (either a 16oz. Budweiser or Labatt Blue Light Draft BEER, or a 16oz. Coca-Cola SOFT DRINK) at each game.

The Bisons have played 22 home games this season with the average temperature each night around 50°. The club has also had two postponements as part of the record rainfalls endured by the Western New York community.

Fans can purchase tickets at the Coca-Cola Field Box Office, online at or by calling 1-888-223-6000 Fans will then receive a voucher at the gate for their complimentary hot dog and either a 16oz. draft beer or a 16oz. Coca-Cola soft drink to be used during that game.

Brad Bisbing from the Bisons will join Joe & Cheryl on Buffalo's Morning Show Friday at 7:10am to tell you more about the promotion. They will also be giving away a family 4 pack of Bison Flex tickets following the segment