One thing I've totally embraced and LOVED since moving back to WNY is how PROUD we are of our little nook in the world!

Buffalo isn't just a great, on-the-move's a state of mind!

CNNMoney released a list of the LEAST STRESSED cities in the country...and guess who came in at #6? Yep, our Queen City!

Buffalo ranked the absolute best for avoiding work-related stress. Not only are work hours among the shortest, the commutes are the quickest of all 55 metro areas and divisions we analyzed.

Great news right? gets BETTER!

Not only are we low-stress (as my friend calls it, "Buffal-easy")...our men are HOT! There's a (potentially cruel) app called "Hot or Not," where you make snap judgments on people's photos and rate them one to 10. Using their data, they put together a list of "hottest" U.S. cities for both men and women.

Have you ever heard this song, by the way? Pretty appropriate!!! "Southern California Wants to Be Western New York" by Dar Williams....It just may be the best song ever written!!