Did you know Buffalo is the fourth most romantic city in the nation?  So says Redbox, the movie rental company....

Apparently, Buffalo is the place to be for lovers old and young.  Buffalo has been named the fourth most romantic city in the United States by the self-service movie rental company Redbox.  Just in time for Valentine's Day, Redbox issued the rating based on the percentage of romantic comedies rented at redbox kiosks in different cities in 2010.  Greensboro, North Carolina came in first place, with La Crosse, Wisconsin placing second.  Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Buffalo and Green Bay, Wisconsin rounded out the top five.  The place rated as least romantic, based on redbox romantic comedy movie rentals, is Laredo, Texas. 

Some might argue it's colder here, so we have to snuggle up and watch a lot of movies... but hey, we could be watching horror flicks....  right?  We are romantic!  (So I don't have to remind you Valentine's Day is next Monday!)

Courtesy of Metro Source