Yup.  Another list.  A BAD one.  Forbes magazine named Buffalo the tenth most dangerous city.

I'm REALLY sick of this...there are SO many reasons to love this city and it seems we so often are highlighted for bad things.  No goal.  Wide right.  2nd Poorest City in the US. UGH!

And now this.  Yes we have a high crime rate but we ALL can do something about it.  I suggest you get to know your neighbors for a start.

I live downtown...I mean DOWNTOWN...off Chippewa, a block away from where these 4am shootings have occured and to tell you the truth I feel very safe because I know my neighbors.  We look out for each other.  The first year I was in my apartment there was a knock on my door at 2am...it was the guy across the street.  He had just gotten home from work when he saw someone trying to break into my car.  First he called the police, then he came to tell me...and that's how we met.

I soon came to realize that our neighborhood had a webpage that tracked activity and shared info about suspicious people seen around.  We all take an active role in our neighborhood and as a single mother I feel safe knowing they have my back.

Let's make sure we ALL have each others back and hopefully we won't be so high on the list...or any other lists...PLEASE???????