Don't look now, but there are many parts of Buffalo on the rebound! Our waterfront is one such example.

Now that politics and special interest's  have gotten out of the way, we have the beginnings of a great destination for all Western New York residents. The Naval Park, the Canal Side stage, a sand beach for the kids, picnic tables, Adirondack chairs, even a new small restaurant, have all transformed the waterfront in a short period of time!

Downtown the Hotel Lafayette renovation is in full swing, bringing a mix of upscale housing and small retail. It's been decades since that building saw any significant work. Thanks to a private developer, a large downtown building is being transformed before our eyes.

On the east side over 35 gardens now exist on city owned property. The result is a better neighborhood for everyone. Once city hall got out of the way, its amazing what people can accomplish.

Congratulations to the people of Buffalo and WNY. It's great to see this area moving again!