When I moved back to WNY in 2012, it wasn't the same Buffalo I remembered from 1996...not by a LONG shot.

Actually, when I heard about the job here, after having lived in Albany for the past 15 years, my first thought was, "I don't think I want to go back to Western New York".  Then, just driving in for my first interview, I realized something was very, VERY different than the last time I had visited.

Getty Images / Christopher Furlong

A great manager of mine said "a great sign of a city on the move is seeing cranes".  By this he meant GROWTH, and that's one reason why I decided not only to take the job, but also to buy my very first house. I wanted to root here. And root here, I have! I LOVE BUFFALO!

I couldn't be more happy with my decision, for LOTS of reasons, but a big one, as fellow homeowners know, is what a great investment I've made by buying a home here.

The Washington Post just created a cool website (it's interactive!) that lists Buffalo and Erie County as #1 for increased property values. If you've taken a look around, homes in the Elmwood village that sold for $200K in 2004 are now worth TWICE that!

I live in Tonawanda, near Kenmore, and my little property has seen a 34 percent increase!

See how YOUR neighborhood is doing here!

In this sports town, it's nice to be known as #1 for something! ;)