Apparently Buffalo is ten times less fashionable than the average American City.  Seriously?

"" has ranked Buffalo the least fashionable city in America.  The website ranked 50 of the largest cities across the country with the national fashion average being a 1.0.  Buffalo ranked a .10.  The site blamed the city's lack of fashion on snow days.  (Really?  Didn't they notice the mild winter we just had?)

Now, I'm a jeans and sneaker type of gal. I'd rather spend an evening with friends at my house than get all decked up and head out to a glitzy party. Who says that's not fashionable?  Fashion is a sense of style and everyone has their own.  My fashion sense may be basic, but nobody picks on my converse all-stars!

Am I the norm when it comes to fashion?  I don't think so.  I have numerous friends and coworkers who dress in designer clothes.  Just take a look at Andrea and Erin in the photo above.  Bundle, you have no clue what you're talking about!