I was in Wegmans my first week of moving here to Buffalo when I saw a t-shirt hanging for sale that had the caption: "Buffalo -- City of Good Neighbors."

I stopped and thought, "It sure is."

See, my wife and I moved into our new place, and the gas company couldn't make it out to flip the switch for a few days, so that meant, "What, no hot showers for me, and no hot baths for her?"

That's exactly what it meant. And do you know that one of our new neighbors heard about our plight and boiled pot after pot of hot water so that we could have a bath, even delivering it to our front door like an assembly line. Wow! Our new neighbor Sunny is going to get that t-shirt from Wegmans.

If you have a "good neighbor" story, let me know right here, and I'll talk about it on air!