If you haven't seen the new video from the Goo Goo Dolls for "So Alive", take a look.  You'll instantly recognize the amazing setting....and perhaps the Alden student, Kristen McMurtree, in the starring role.

Her story resonated with me, as I, too, was bullied.  During my entire freshman year of high school, one girl terrorized me. It was so bad, I often ate lunch in the bathroom or in a friend's classroom.  I wanted to stay home every day.  I took the LONG way around the relatively-large school to many of my classes to avoid the girl, one year older than me, who threatened to "kick my ass" on a daily basis. My friends couldn't (or wouldn't) help me; they were scared too, as this girl was notorious for fighting. She tried to trip me whenever she could...she had her cronies push me into lockers.  The whole posse eyeballed me everywhere I went. Why? I was dating her ex-boyfriend.  It was an experience that nearly crippled my 15th year.

The girl eventually dropped out of school, and my fear subsided.  I don't know where she is now, but at last check, she was a dishwasher at a Mexican restaurant in Jamestown.

I can only imagine how much more terrifying bullying is now, with social media broadcasting the embarrassment in real-time.

I took up boxing as one of my favorite forms of exercise, and go pretty good at it.  It's not part of my exercise routine lately (my boyfriend was my trainer...and we recently broke up), but I know the mitts will find me again when the time's right.

Kristen McMurtree will be in studio around 7:20am tomorrow on the Mix Morning Rush to share her story, and who knows, we night throw a couple friendly fists to prove our ability to overcome!

Here's the piece from WGRZ that aired Tuesday night.