This morning, I shared one frustration I have on a DAILY basis in downtown Buffalo.  Remember, I'm driving when literally NO ONE else is on the roads...somewhere between 4:25am and 4:45am.  It's a ghost town.

Here's the issue I have, every morning.

Coming up Court Street from Niagara Square, there are three cross-streets:  Franklin, Pearl, and Main Streets.

If I sit at the RED light at Franklin, and it turns GREEN, I have 2.3 seconds to go ONE SMALL BLOCK before the next light -- at Pearl -- turns RED.  Then, after sitting at THAT red light, I have another 1-2 seconds to go ONE MORE SMALL BLOCK to Main, where THAT light then turns RED.

Here's a (horribly drawn) diagram of what I'm talking about.

Google Maps / LD

Is it a conspiracy against me?  Of course. That's only logical. ;)

Why are there not sensors at lights, like in other large cities?  Why aren't they at least timed so that if you're going the speed limit, you actually have a shot at making them, and having a reasonable traffic flow?

This isn't the first time (nor will it be the last) these issues have come up.  Here's one Reddit Buffalo post from 2 years ago:

I've never really attempted getting our local government to do something useful, but I was wondering if anyone has, or if anyone has seen this done successfully in other smallish population cities.

I figure this is something anyone who has ever tried getting anywhere in the city in a timely manner can support.

Here's another one, with some "colorful" language.  Honestly, I get that it's been an issue for longer, and that the above-diagrammed picture isn't the ONLY place it's an issue.

Where's the most frustrating light issue for YOU?  If no one's you ever just blow through it (after CAUTIOUSLY looking around to make sure there's NO other cars around)???