That's to the national news and TV staples like The Tonight Show, and the Weather Channel, Buffalo has quite a reputation for weather! We do not necessarily live up to that reputation.

For instance:

Buffalo NOT the snowiest

According to the USA Today Weather Almanac, Buffalo, NY does NOT make the Top 10 List of either the snowiest or coldest cities. Syracuse and Rochester traditionally receive more snow than Buffalo. (

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Buffalo is Sunny

For instance in 2008, Buffalo logged more days with at least 50% sunshine than Rochester, Syracuse and for that matter Orlando, Florida. Buffalo is actually the Sunshine Capital of the Northeast (

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Buffalo isn't that cold

Buffalo has more days per year in which the temperature is above 60 than days with snow on the ground.(

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Buffalo's winters do not live up to their reputation

America's Worst Weather Cities does not even mention Buffalo, NY. (Forbes Magazine Feb 2010)

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Buffalo is typical, as far as Winter is concerned

Winters in Buffalo are typical of a city located in the northeastern United States. In a recent three-year span, our Winter Carnival had to be canceled each year. The reason? Not enough snow. (