The Buffalo Zoo is asking you to lower your thermostat by two degrees to help save polar bears. 

“Bundle Up For Polar Bears”  was launched by the Buffalo Zoo  last year. Schools in multiple
Districts registered to participate in the event.  This year, the zoo is hoping to reach not only schools, but also businesses, organizations and families.  All you have to do is pick a day, lower your thermostat two degrees and bundle up in your favorite hoodie, sweater or snuggie!

A news release from the zoo indicates lowering your thermostat can reduce carbon emissions which in turn helps preserve the bears' habitat.  "Reducing our carbon footprint can slow and even reverse climate changes, which cause sea ice to melt. Sea ice is a necessity for polar bears as they use it for hunting."

You can register to participate by sending an email to
Inlcude the name of your family, school, organization or business plus the number of people participating and the date of participation.

The event was so popular last year that Polar Bears International  is helping the event go national in 2012!