Today is expected to be the biggest mail and package delivery day of the year for both the Postal Service and UPS.  After handling an estimated 801 million postmarked cards and letters and millions of packages this past Monday, many of those will be delivered today.  The Postal Service says it expects to deliver three-billion cards over the holiday season, but that number has actually dropped with the widespread use of e-mail, texting and e-cards.  While the number of cards being mailed may be declining, the number of parcels and packages being sent is on the rise.  Postal officials say that's because the USPS, UPS and FedEx all provide the ability to print shipping labels, pay for the postage and schedule pick up of packages online.  That service, coupled with the trend toward buying gifts on-line, adds up to an increase in the number of packages being shipped. 

Courtesy of Metro Source