"Hot Chocolate with God" Official Facebook Page

Many of us call her Jim Kelly's daughter, but the former Bills quarterback's little girl is growing up fast. 12-year-old Camyrn Kelly, with help from her big sister Erin and Mom Jill Kelly, is out with a book aimed at building tween confidence and faith.

Camyrn Kelly's book is called "Hot Chocolate With God."  Jill Kelly says the book provides young girls the opportunity  to discover the unique person God created them to be.  "Hot Chocolate with God" is sprinkled with stories and questions, with blank spaces to write your own answers.  There's also a website component tweens can surf for videos and other interactive components.  The book is the first in a brand new series. 

My daughter, Jenna, is a year older than Camyrn and has been enjoying filling in many answers in the book.  I found the questions have lead to some interesting discussions about life in general between Jenna and I.  One Friday night, while we were watching television together, she was asking me some of the questions in the book.  For instance, Jen asked if she had ever given to a charity with her own money.  Another question asked about places you've been.  We had a lot of fun making that list and remembering stories about each one.

Camryn, along with her big sister Erin and Mom Jill, will also be at a book signing this Saturday, October 8th at 2pm at Barnes and Noble, 1565 Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst.

Jill Kelly's interview with Joe and Cheryl: