We're on the edge of summer movie season. There are some huge films on the horizon. But the one I'm really waiting for doesn't come out 'till Christmas day.

Back in high school, I was assigned The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel about high life in the 1920's. Like a lot of high school students, I bought it but "read" it with Cliff's Notes. I finally looked it over after college [clearing out my school books].

What an amazing book!

You know what else is amazing? Hollywood has never gotten it right! It's said that no movie version of "Gatsby" has ever made money. But Baz Luhrmann [best known for Moulon Rouge] is trying again. His version comes out in December. Here's the current trailer:


Interesting, I'll admit [then again, there are least two other of Fitzgerald's novels that would be much better movies]. But Luhrmann is fighting the tide of movie history with this one. Back in the '70's, Robert Redford and Mia Farrow tried, and failed, to make "Gatsby" a hit:


A failure. Even in the silent-movie era in which it was written, "Gatcby" got nowhere:


(By the way, the trailer is the only-known footage of the 1926 release to exist.)

Can Leonardo make Jay Gatsby live? Time will tell...