This one's probably been debated since the arrival of Eve. Now a new study says what I've always believed. Do you agree? Take our one question poll, and tell us!

The new research says that how you answer question probably depends on your gender. Men seemed to believe that their opposite-sex "friends" [you'll understand the quotes in a moment] were open to something more than friendship, and were frequently looking for a relationship upgrade.

Women. on the other hand, were much more comfortable with the idea of platonic relationships, and were more likely to respect a man's on-going relationship with another woman as...well, "taking him off the market."

Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan debated the topic in When Harry Met Sally :

What's your take on the question? Have you had a successful platonic relationship? Or did the relationship fall apart because one person [probably the man. It's always our fault...] wanted to take things to the next step? Well, take a minute and answer our one question poll, please.

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