Don't lie: There's someone out there whose car you'd LOVE to go all Carrie Underwood on. The good news? We're giving you the chance to do it.

Well, sort of.

Joy FM's got a pair of tickets to Carrie Underwood's show at First Niagara Center on Tuesday, March 26 -- and a pair of meet & greet passes, too! -- but to get 'em, you've got to finish our "Before He Cheats" Challenge!

You know where this is going. We'll provide the car (with a little help from Mark's Auto Parts), and challenge contestants will have to:

  • "Dig a key into the side of his pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive" (Key the car);
  • "Carve their name into his leather seats" (OK, write "Joy FM" on the seat with a Sharpie!);
  • "Take a Louisville Slugger to both headlights" (Yup, we'll provide the bat, you bash in the headlights!); and
  • "Slash a hole in all four tires" (Actually, we'll just let you slash them with paint).
We'll time each contestant, and whoever finishes the challenge in the shortest amount of time wins!

Sounds fun, right? So just click the button below to enter for the chance to be one of our five participants!* You've got until Thursday, March 21 to sign up.

*NOTE: The "Before He Cheats" Challenge will be held at noon on Monday, March 25 at Mark's Auto Parts. If chosen as a participant, you MUST be available at that time, or you will not be able to participate.