You may have noticed it. As I drove toward downtown this weekend, I couldn't help but stare at what the heck was up on the Central Terminal -- a car?!

Yup -- this weekend, a car was hanging off the side of the Buffalo Central Terminal. The Mini Cooper that is temporarily perched just below the clock face on the front of the building will help bring attention to and kick of a fundraiser for the continued restoration efforts of this East Side landmark.

The Buffalo Central Terminal was in jeopardy late last year, when officials debated whether of not to knock down the landmark because it was too costly to refurbish. So, to help raise the funds, Towne Automotive donated a two-year lease for a Mini Cooper, and tickets will be sold for $10 for a chance to win the car, beginning just in time for the annual Dyngus Day party at the Terminal, all the way through October.

Now, I’ve only been in there twice, both times for Halloween parties (which, might I say, is arguably the best Halloween party in Buffalo), but the Central Terminal truly is a staple of Buffalo and is beautiful inside.


There's another way you can help keep the Central Terminal restoration efforts going, too. Volunteers have been making strides in raising the money by themselves, and now, there is an Adopt-A-Tile program in place. You purchase a tile for as low as $75, and then you will see your name or name the of your company added to a special Adoption Board that will be mounted in the concourse area for all to see -- and your adoption fee is 98 percent tax deductible!