Did a little 2 year old child who was left in a trash bag in a wooded area receive justice? NOT GUILTY? Casey Anthony has been found not guilty. She did not tell anyone the child was missing, her attorneys said she knew the child was dead, a bad stench of decomposition was in her car. There was a search for chloroform that was found on the computer. I guess this was not enough evidence. A jury of her peers decided after 33 days that Casey Anthony is a free woman.

 I guess the story of the child drowning in the pool and the father covering it up was believable. I don't understand how or why anyone would make a tragic household accident look like a murder. Why would anyone subject their family to the pain and anguish of this nightmare. The truth is we will truly never know what happened to the little doll faced child that died to soon. As my mother says "only God knows" what happened to her on that fateful day.

 What I do know is the lives of the Anthony family has been destroyed. They have not been able to live in peace since this incident happened. Life will never be the same for the Anthony family. They will never get to hear their grandchild's laugh and know the feeling of a Caylee's unconditional love. Casey is a free happy woman. She laughed and giggled after the verdict was read and people filed out of the court room. It almost reminded me of the smiling happy woman that partied, smiled and laughed as her daughter was missing. She was taken by the nanny "Zanny".  I'm sure she is penning her first book. Will you buy it? Are you buying any of it?