In this world, there are Dog People and there are Cat People [not to be confused with this classic 40's horror film or its 80's remake ]. I fall very solidly into the second group. Not that I don't like dogs; I just prefer to have cats living with me. Except when I want or need to do something, and the cat, or cats have Something Else in mind.

Case in point:

[simonscat, via YouTube]

British animator (and, we'd assume, cat owner) Simon Tofield has been making short cartoons about his cat for a while now. They have their own YouTube channel, a Facebook fan page, and a daily comic strip in Tofield's native England.

[And, before someone asks, one of my cats jumps on my computer table and causes Kitty Mayhem just like Simon's Cat in the cartoon] I don't know of any dogs that do that; if your dog does, or if your cat should belong to Simon, please tell us about it, either here or on our Facebook page...