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Should They Sue The Parents? Their Kid Broke This…
Sarah Goodman was at a wedding that was at the Overland Park community center in Kansas City where there was a sculpture on display called 'Aphrodite di Kansas City'.
Her son who is in preschool somehow knocked it over and broke it and now Overland Park’s insurance…
How To Ease The Pain Of Sunburn
So if you were out over the weekend, chances are you spend a lot of time in the sun. If you were like me, you forgot to put on sunblock and well now you are nice and sunburned!
NSFW: Woman Gets Swallowed By Python in Indonesia
This is a scary one and it's extremely rare, but the second in recent time in Indonesia.
An 8 meter long python swallowed a 54-year-old woman in Indonesia whole while she was gardening. The woman went missing on June 13 and after a couple of days they found just her clothes and the locals f…
4 Kids Charged For Senior Prank in Lewiston–Is It That Bad?
What do you think about this one?
A Senior prank has had some serious concequences for 2 current students and 2 former students as they are getting charged.

4 kids broke into the school
Rearranged the desks into a stairwell
Put cups filled with water all in the hallways
Filled the hallway with green and …
Top 25 High Schools in WNY—Official Rankings 2018
If you've ever left Western New York, you know that nobody compares to the schooling systems around Buffalo--they're just untouchable. The gap between high schools in Western New York versus the rest of the state is insane when it comes to test scores.
Exclusive Taste of Buffalo Sneak Peek [WATCH]
The 35th anniversary The Taste of Buffalo presented by TOPS will be on Saturday, July 7 and Sunday July 8!  We got a sneak peek of 35 of the food items that you'll be able to enjoy at 35th birthday celebration! Take a look at some of what the Taste will be offering this year!

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