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[LISTEN] [LYRICS] New Carrie Underwood Song–Cry Pretty
Carrie Underwood is back with a brand new song called 'Cry Pretty'. Her brand new CD (do we call them that anymore?) album will be out later this year. To satisfy everyone's guilty little pleasure, here are the lyrics for a brand new Carrie Underwood single...
Mix 96 Celebrates National Pet Day
While most of us call them pets, they usually turn out to be more like family, and in their honor, we decided to celebrate National Pet Day on Mix 96!
Richie Incognito Set To Retire
Social Media started to blow with questions and guesses of what was going to happen next after Bills Guard Richie Incognito tweeted out this morning that, "He was Done!"
Help A Local Man Get A New Leg!
Coming up on April 14th, Sheri and the team at Ideal Diet Center are holding a very special fundraiser for a Chad "Kickstand" Lucas to help him get a new prosthetic leg.

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