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Melody’s Top 5 Adult Birthday Party Places…
Ok. Ok. No one likes to get older, things start to hurt more, wrinkles become more prevalent. But, you deserve to have a fun on your birthday. How do you celebrate? Here are my top 5 places to let loose with your family and friends.
Brett Tutor From ‘Trading Spaces’ in Studio
I had a chance to sit down with your newest reality TV crush, Brett Tutor, this afternoon. He's the new carpenter on TLC's Trading Spaces, and will be appearing at the Buffalo Home Show this weekend.
Maple Weekend
On top of Saint Paddy's Day weekend, Maple Weekend kicks off this weekend too!
Kidabaloo 2018
Fun for parents and fun for kids, KIDABALOO is back - Saturday April 21 at the Hamburg Fairgrounds and Events Center.
Krupnik – Made In Buffalo, With Love
Spoiler alert: the next batch will be out by Holy Thursday, so you'll get it in time for Easter -- but be forewarned -- future batches are dependent on how long it takes their locally-sourced bees to make more honey.
Hospice Spring Bouquet Sale
Today I had the awesome opportunity to join Hospice volunteers selling gorgeous spring flower bouquets (available at all Key Bank locations for $8!). The bouquet sale is Hospice's largest fundraiser. You can help by purchasing a bouquet (click here for locations) support hospice by buying an An…

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