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Mix 96 organizes, hosts and participates in many local events. Get information on recent and future events rights here!

MUST SEE: The Two Coolest Things From Bills Gameday [VIDEO]
The Bills dropped their first preseason game of the year, but lucky for us it means almost nothing.  I would gladly take all losses in the preseason if it meant wins in the regular season.
The bad news is that we lost.  The good news is that we came out relatively healthy. The...
WNY Weekend Preview
The Erie County Fair is officially underway, fundraisers for cat lovers who love wine, the Goo Goo Dolls, Gilbert Gottfried, and more! It's all happening this weekend in WNY.
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America’s Grape Country Wine Festival This Weekend
The posters for this weekend's event in Dunkirk write "Enjoy food, wine, craft beer and Live Music"  Do we even need the prompt to enjoy? The combinations of all of these things guarantees fun. So, unless you avoiding fun, head to the Chautauqua County Fair…
‘Because I Said So’ Week in Review – 8/6/17
We had a short week on 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend and Tony P but still managed to have some fun!  We got back from vacation on Wednesday and went straight to the Niagara County Fair!  We enjoyed it so much we went back on Friday...
Five Ways To Get Buffalonians Mad
I just moved here a year ago, but within a month I learned a few things about what NOT to say or do in this great place. Here are FIVE things that will immediately tick off someone from Western New York!
Drums Along the Waterfront Interview [AUDIO]
On the show today we were joined by Jack Gaylord Jr, the creator of Drums Along the Waterfront, and performer Matt Tichy.  The event is this Sunday, August 6th at 7pm at New Era Field, and will be like nothing you've ever seen.
It was a lot of fun talking with the guys and hearing the passi…
WNY Weekend Preview
Drums, comedy, chalk & art -- oh my! It's all happening this weekend in WNY!
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Eight Reasons NOT To Move To Buffalo
Okay, it's been exactly one year since my daughters and I moved to Buffalo and we love it.  But, that does not mean anyone else should move here!  Buffalo is just not for everyone.  In fact, here are ten reasons we should tell others NOT to move here...
Twiggy The Waterskiing Squirrel Escapes! [WATCH]
Check out the video of Twiggy making a great escape at Ribfest today!
No worries, Twiggy was caught and the show went on. Buffalo Ribfest continues tomorrow and Sunday at Canalside.
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