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If the Lizzie McGuire Movie was a Thriller [VIDEO]
Do you remember The Lizzie McGuire Movie? I used to love this movie, and I'm sure a lot of parents remember when their kids were obsessed with this movie as well!
Well I want you to reimagine the movie... but this time instead of a cute Disney love story, it's a edge of your seat thriller..…
The Obamas Send Out Their Last White House Christmas Card
The Obama Christmas card is giving me all kinds of feelings about them leaving in a month. 😭 pic.twitter.com/xhS4TaIj7A
— Katie Poole (@katiepoole912) December 9, 2016
It's crazy to think its already been 8 years. It feels like just yesterday that President Obama was sworn in to be the lea…
This Fake Toy Playset Has the Internet Freaking Out!
This week a photo of a fake Fisher-Price toy went viral. The photo of the toy was for "Happy Hour Playset", in which it was a bar for toddlers complete with bar stools!
According to WGRZ internet comedian Amiri King shared this fake photo to his Facebook page...
Congress Bans Ticket-Scalper Tool
Congress just made a major ruling. We have all been in this struggle before, your favorite artist has announced a concert tour and you are so excited to buy tickets. You get online right at 10 a.m. when the concert goes on sale. You open the website, and it's not even 10:01 a...
Beaver Goes Christmas Shopping! [VIDEO]
I wish this could happen in Buffalo!! If I saw this I would have died of cuteness overload!! Watch what happened when a beaver in Maryland found it's way into a store and caused some mischief. Police had to help take the animal out of the store...
Fireball Whiskey Now Comes in a Box
#fireball stepped up their adult juice box game. Just add a straw and go 😂@sdevo77 @bflostyle502 @TheNiktionary @itsme_chels pic.twitter.com/ytx6WXDcYj
— ❤ Cynthia A Rogers ❤ (@Moontalonz) December 1, 2016
OMG this right here is a game changer. Fireba...
3 Feet of Snow in Hawaii??
Story of snow on Big Island of Hawaii is very cool & visual. However it happens all the time. Even in the tropics 11-13,000' is cold. @WGRZ pic.twitter.com/kJl0xs6drs
— Patrick Hammer (@pathammer) December 2, 2016
When you think of places like Hawaii, you think of beautiful weather.…
Hatchimal Omelet [VIDEO]
Turns out this years hottest holiday item is not edible.  Find out how Tony P learns that the hard way with Val Townsend.

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