Daily Distraction

Watch Fake Taylor Swift Prank Fans in Australia
This is AMAZING! A radio station in Australia sent a girl out onto the streets who looks JUST LIKE Taylor Swift. The girl was followed by two large guys acting as body guards. Watch the hilarious video below and see all these fans want to take photos with the look-a-like...
Blac Chyna Kills The Mannequin Challenge
Game over. Stop.
There no longer needs to be any more mannequin challenge videos.
Blac Chyna outdid everyone by doing one IN THE DELIVERY ROOM.
...and here's ours :)
[VIDEO] Val & Tony P’s SPEAK OUT Duets
Are you someone who is always looking for the perfect gift?  Well look no further!  If you are a fan of the 2016 must-have hit game 'Speak Out' then you are going to love the album 'Speak Out Duets' with Val & Tony P.  
Watch Woman Dancing at NBA Game She’s AMAZING!
Do you ever just see something and immediately smile? I'm sure you have. This is one of those things that did that for me.
Check out this video of this hilarious woman dancing at a NBA Golden State Warriors game! She is on the jumbo tron in the venue, and when the camera turned to her she got to…
FINALLY A Way to Unsend Emails!
The safety net will allow you to “prevent embarrassing email mistakes" https://t.co/GnzqzZ3O7f
— New York Post (@nypost) November 10, 2016
We've all been in this situation... You're trying to send an email to someone, maybe a relative, maybe a coworker, or a boss and you…
Val & Tony P’s Thankful Thursday – November 10th [VIDEO]
'Because I Said So' hosts Val Townsend and Tony P celebrated another Thankful Thursday and manufactured some smiles in the process.
We gave out inspirational cards along with pink roses to some lucky ladies in Lafayette Square.  The smiles and thank you's were immediate and …
Timmy’s Got A Brand New Lid
A few weeks ago on #NationalCoffeeDay, I made fun of Tony because he didn't know how to tuck the tab on his Tim Horton's double-double lid.
Now who's laughing?
On my drive in this morning, I made my usual stop at Tim Horton's for a coffee and found my DDX2 looking different...
Mix96 Takes The Mannequin Challenge [VIDEO]
The challenge was given and 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend and Tony P responded!
Tuesday we had some fun in the studio with the Mannequin Challenge and did our own Mix96 version.  Check it out and let us know what you think!
Tony P’s Movember Update – 11/7/16
One full week down and I am starting to feel it!  My plan is to grow it a little and then begin to groom and sculpt it once I decide what I want to do.
I am thankful that I am only required to grow the mustache because my neck is already itching like crazy...

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