Tony P’s World Famous Independence Day Dessert
So this is a recipe as old as our country is.  Rumor has it that Francis Scott Key was eating one of these while he penned the Star Spangled Banner.  I can't confirm or deny that rumor as it is a matter of national security but what I can tell you that these are that good...
Make Your 4th of July Great With This Grilling Tip
4th of July is just around the corner (literally), and this year Val Townsend and I bring you some tips to take your holiday from good to great!  Today's tip is on grilling, and more specifically how to clean your grill.  This may just save your life...
‘Because I Said So’ Week in Review – 6/25/17
Okay can we all just slow down for 2 is it June 25th already???  The year is half over!  Just had to get that off of my chest.  Now that we can both breathe again, why don't you take a moment and catch up on everything 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend…
WNY Weekend Preview
The Total Package Tour, beer festivals, comedy & more -- lots to do in WNY this weekend!
Tony Tries: ZIMA (again) [VIDEO]
It's Tony Tries Tuesday and this week I am taste testing a classic beverage from the early '90s - ZIMA.  If you were around back then you remember this drink being all the rage for 5 minutes and then disappearing, kind of like the Macarena...
Summer Bucket List – For Moms
Summer can go by way too fast and leave you feeling like you haven't accomplished all you set out to do in the early days of June. Here's our recommendations for definite to-do's for moms this summer.
‘Because I Said So’ Week in Review – 6/18/17
Happy Father's Day to all of the great Dad's out there!  Why not spend a moment kicked back in your easy chair and catch up on anything you may have missed on 'Because I Said Do' with Val Townsend and Tony P.  We made it easy on you, you can do it right HERE...
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Amazon Just Made a Healthy Purchase and How it Affects You
Amazon has made major headlines today with it's announcement of purchasing Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in cash.  This is a big deal for several reasons, but primarily, who has $13.7 billion in cash???  Can I get a loan bro?
Whole Foods is a grocery store that would compete loca…
WNY Weekend Preview
Comedy, baseball, 5Ks, magic & fantasy? It's all happening in WNY this weekend!
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Strawberry Fields (and Wine) Forever in WNY
In my humble opinion, the strawberry is the judge, jury, and executioner of the berry world.  It's always been my favorite (don't worry, blueberry, you take the top spot in my pie-flavor-favorite...and raspberry, you rule my jam world), starting with my childhood obsession with Strawb…
WNY Weekend Preview
Festivals, art, music, comedy, races, basketball...this weekend in WNY you can do it all.
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