Mixed Thoughts: Fish Frys [AUDIO]
Today's topic: Where is the best place to get Fish Frys in Buffalo? Beer Battered or Breaded?
Listen to the audio above to hear some of the answers. Comment what you think below!
Fish Fryday’s: Tops Stops in to Kick it Off
Fish Fryday's are finally here!  Every Friday during Lent we will be tasting a Fish Fry from around the area to let you know who makes them the best.  To help kick off the season we had Tops in studio with their fish fry specialty.
Kathy from Tops has a tough job running fish fry's all over the city…
Prices at Tim Hortons Have Increased
If grabbing a coffee at your local Tim Hortons is a part of your daily routine then you may have noticed something different. Prices have increased on several items. Apparently the increase happened yesterday at all locations. So how much more will you exactly be paying...
Tasty Treats: Merritt Wine and Girl Scout Cookies
Merritt Winery has been making wine in Forestville, NY for 40 years, and this week they brought some to the Mix96 studio for us to try.  Now this wasn't your ordinary wine tasting. We took Merritt wine and paired it with Girl Scout cookies...
Lloyd and Uber are Feeding Buffalo for Free Today
Today those who have the Uber app will have the chance to be treated to free food from Lloyd. Download the app now and you could potentially be one of those people!
According to WIVB today from 10 a.m. til 2 p.m. Buffalo residents who use the Uber app could have the Lloyd's Taco truck…
What You Have To Do To Burn Off The Calories in ONE Paczki
They're delicious.
They're fattening.
They're a Lenten tradition and we LOVE them.
But what's the price to pay, calorically-speaking?
The typical paczki can run anywhere from 500 to 1,000 calories, depending on the recipe.  We did a little math for you to figure out just how man…

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