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What’s My Breast Cancer Risk?
When breast cancer hit my family, it hit like a ton of bricks. That's not unique to cancer diagnosis at all...but since there was ZERO cancer in my family, breast or any other kind, the news was even more poignant.
If you're lucky like me, you don't have much cancer history in your fam…
How To Spider Proof Your Home [VIDEO]
We live near Lake Erie and the air is moist. There are lots of spiders congregating on my house when it becomes warm out. My wife had me killing about four a day last year so this year I'm taking action. I don't want spiders on my house, they are gross and they freak my family out.
Dan’s Top 7 Running Jams
Sunny and temperatures in the 70s this week!  Oh yeah, let running season begin!  No matter how much time you spent on the treadmill at the club or at home you know NOTHING beats a run outside!
..and if you're like me you need your running setlist to motivate...
That Time I Brought A Selfie Stick to a Mammogram… [VIDEO]
You see lots of things at a doctor's appointment....impatient fiddling, outdated magazines, super awesome 80s-style furniture patterns....
You won't find any of those things at Southtowns Radiology, but if you're there on the day of my mammogram, you may see a 41-year-old carrying a se…
How My Mammogram Saved My Mom’s Life
There's never been any breast cancer -- or any cancer, for that matter -- in my family.
Over the past 10 years, I've had the pleasure of hosting many breast cancer awareness fundraisers, luncheons, walks and races.
Every time I took the stage, I was humbled by the FIGHT the breast cancer sur…
Ripley New York Doctor In Flint Assisting With The Water Crisis
Dr. Marc Edwards graduated from nearby Ripley Central High School in 1982 and now he is a professor of engineering at Virginia Tech. Many in the scientific community consider him to be a top expert in water quality for our homes. When he found out that the water in Flint Michigan was causing grave h…
Williamsville Dunkin Donuts Closes Due To Rat Problem
A Dunkin' Donuts location in Williamsville has been shut down temporarily because of a rat infestations.
According to our friends at WIVB:
"The store, located on Main St., was found to have rat droppings throughout it, according to findings by health inspectors...

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