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Val Takes Tony To The Gym, Shows Him What A Workout Is Really Like
So way back at the start of 2017 (you know, last month), Tony and I made New Years resolutions, and devised a punishment system in order to keep one another accountable. While it's true I missed a week of working out (doctor's orders, but *apparently* that still counts), and I took my puni…
RECALL: Sargento Cheese Products
According to WGRZ some popular products from Sargento Cheese are being recalled. Meijer, the supplier of the products, say that some of the products may contain a germ that can cause serious infection.
The products being recalled are:
Sargento Ultra Thin Longhorn Colby (Sell by 12APR17B & 10MAY17…
Tony P Flips the New Year’s Punishment on Val [VIDEO]
Val Townsend and I have a New Years resolution where we need to work out everyday or there will be a punishment.  Val missed a week in January because of a detox cleanse she was doing and her doctor said she couldn't work out.  I, of course, punished her...
Val Gets Punished For New Years Resolution Failure
New Year's resolutions are made to be broken...unless you have a bet on the line.  I have been challenged by Val Townsend to a 'workout' bet so that we can be healthy in 2017. Let's just say that one of us has been working out everyday...and it isn't Val...
How Long Does It Take To Calm Down?
This evening a friend of mine was extremely worked up and fighting with her significant other.  You know when there is a relationship squabble it is close to impossible to calm the parties down.  I attempted to relax the situation the only way I know how...
Tyrod Taylor has the Most Expensive Groin in WNY!
Buffalo Bills Quarterback Tyrod Taylor elected to have groin surgery for a sports hernia on Thursday, which effectively starts the clock on whether he will get the guaranteed money from his contract.
Tyrod's contract has an injury guarantee in it that will pay him close to $30M dollar…
Join us on the Slopes this weekend!
The 19th Annual Kids Escaping Drugs Skiscape
Holimont Ski Resort in Ellicottville, NY
This Sunday, January 8th 2017 8am-4:30pm
Bring the whole family to enjoy a day of skiing, snowboarding, races, a delicious lunch, hang out with us and much more
New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s The Statistics
According to, 45% of us make a New Year's Resolution. Depressingly, only 8% of us keep them throughout the year.
Here's some other interesting statistics about making and keeping resolutions from Statistic Brain:

The top resolution people make is to lose weight
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Kissing Bridge Now Open for Season
Winter is here! The snow is falling and it's going to be a while before we seen warm temps and sunshine again. So the best way to deal with the winter season is to ENJOY the winter season!
Once again the Skiers and Snowboarders of WNY can rejoice. The...
Tony P’s Movember is Over, What Do You Think?!
The 30 days of November flew by and now the big reveal is here!  I have to say I was skeptical at first, but I like it and it hasn't been uncomfortable at all.  Honestly I forget that I even have it half the time.
You can see my progress below, and I want to know what you think...
Grand Island Changing Roadway Into Bike Path
State proceeds with plan to close Grand Island's West River Pkwy as safest option for Greenway connecting bike trail
— The Buffalo News (@TheBuffaloNews) November 25, 2016
State plans are underway in Grand Island, NY to change an existing r…

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