Holidays can be hectic, having to make plans, gather the family and occasionally host a gathering. Joy FM understands your pain, and we're here to support with tips, recipes and the lowdown on what's happening in Buffalo for the holidays.

Top 5 Gifts for Techies
We all have that person in our lives that needs the latest and greatest gadget.  I am not a 'techie' but I do like cool stuff, and this list is packed with cool stuff.  Tech doesn't always have to equal pricey, but sometimes the price is worth it to make your life easier...
Hatchimal Day 10 Details

The 12 days of Hatchimals presented by Cellino and Barnes continues Wednesday December 21 at McDonalds at 4987 North Transit Road in Williamsville. Register to win between 3 and 6:30 pm,  and we’ll draw the winner right before 7pm!
Top 5 Gifts For Runners
Have friends who talk constantly about their latest PR time on their last 5K? Here's five gifts that will have them crossing the finish line in style.
1. Customized Race Bib Coaster Set: Everyone knows you run for the bibs, the medals, and the post-race drinks...
This Video Had Me WEEPING With Laughter!
Sometimes, the silliest things kick off a giggle-fest.
This is one of them.
The :15 mark made me HOWL.
Please, if you have a baby at home, DO THIS. Send us the video. We'll make them a viral sensation*.  Buffalo Christmas babies unite...
RESCHEDULED Hatchimal #5 Giveaway!
Join Val and Tony at the McDonald's at 2567 Union Road (at Losson Road) in Cheektowaga on Tuesday December 20 from 7am - 9am to register to win Hatchimal #5 (poor guy has had to chill with us for a few days, he's anxious to get to his forever home)...
Hatchimal #9 Giveaway Details
Join Val & Tony for the 9th Day of Hatchimals at the McDonalds at 1735 Walden Avenue in Cheektowaga on Tuesday December 20th to win Hatchimal #9! Register to win between 3pm - 6:30pm, and we'll pick the winner right before 7pm!
Top 5 Gifts for Movie Lovers
Movies allow us to live our lives vicariously through the characters.  Who doesn't want to be a Ghostbuster, Boy Wizard, or fighting the Dark Side??  Movies make a great gift and is something that almost everyone can relate to.  Enjoy the list...

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