Holidays can be hectic, having to make plans, gather the family and occasionally host a gathering. Joy FM understands your pain, and we're here to support with tips, recipes and the lowdown on what's happening in Buffalo for the holidays.

Hatchimal Exploration With Jarod Miller
Curious about the history of the hatchimal? We were too, so we brought in animal expert Jarod Miller to share some of the hatchimal's background with us.
A special thank you to Jarod Miller and the Buffalo Zoo for helping us learn more about these cute little guys :)
Help support the Buffalo Zoo, who…
How to Wrap a Gift in 10 Seconds [VIDEO]
I'm one of those people who uses more tape than paper.  I STINK at gift wrapping!
Now, this reminds me a lot of someone trying to explain to me how to fold a fitted sheet.  No matter HOW many times you show me, I'm still gonna end up just wadding it into a ball and chucking it int…
Top 5 Gifts for the Star Wars Fan
Star Wars items have always made great gifts, but this year with the new movie coming out, gift requests have gone to warp speed!  The good news is that there are so many cool Star Wars gifts to get.  Here are what we think are the best of the best...
Hatchimals Day 5 Postponed!
Due to the lake effect snow overtaking the WNY area right now, day 5 of the 12 Days of Hatchimals has been postponed. Stay tuned for details on how to win #5!
Hatchimal Day 5 – Details
Enter to win our 5th Hatchimal in the 12 Days of Hatchimals presented by Cellino & Barnes. Wednesday December 14 we will be at McDonald's at Union and Losson in Cheektowaga! Register to win between 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., we'll draw the winner before 7 p.m.
Top 5 Gifts For Ex’s
Maybe you're on good terms with your ex. Good for you. For the rest of us who still are feeling in the gift giving spirit, here's a list of gifts appropriate to send your ex this holiday season.
1. Middle Finger Candle: It says what you feel, but may not want to say out loud...
Buffalo Wins the Great Christmas Light Fight!
$50,000 and the coveted 'Great Christmas Light Fight' trophy has been won by the Field twins of Lakeview, NY.  They competed on the Great Christmas Light Fight on Monday night against 3 other families across the country and took home the grand prize...
Santa Claus Grants Final Christmas Wish to Dying Boy [VIDEO]
You'll need tissues, trust me.
THIS man embodies Christmas.
Eric Schmitt-Matzen is 6 feet tall, 310 pounds, and is every bit St. Nick as anyone could be. This professionally trained Santa is a mechanical engineer by trade, but at the holidays, he transforms into the real deal for about 80 gigs...
Must Have Holiday Recipe: Fireball Fudge
Spice up your next holiday get together by bringing this easy-to-make, five-ingredient fudge. But this isn't just any's *Fireball fudge*.
I haven't tried to make it myself yet, but it's on my to-do list! Just don't let the kids have any ;)
Click here for the recipe …

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