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Williamsville Teachers Incredible Lip Dub Video To Beat Cancer
This group of talented teachers started making these lip dub videos five years ago, and out of the fun evolved the Teachers Beat Cancer organization, which according to their website, the purpose is "to raise awareness for cancer and connect our viewers with great ways to get involved in the fi…
Was This Too Far? Look How This Girl Arrived To Prom
What the heck was this?

This girl went to her high school prom in a casket.
Got in the casket at the funeral home.
They put the casket in the hearse.
Arrived to prom in the gym.

It's actually genius believe it or not. As you can imagine in the sensitive world we live in, people were uber offended, b…
Where To Get FREE Food On Tax Day!
Today can be a very stressful day for lots of Americans if you waited until the last day to file your taxes, but the good news is that there are some places trying to ease the stress!

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