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How To Use Glitter Paint in Your Home
I just bought a new house, so of course the home improvement projects have begun. This week, I tried out glitter paint -- because I fancy my living spaces to as closely resemble a Lisa Frank fever dream as possible.
Vodka Reese’s Pudding Cup Shots
So this is one of my favorite recent additions, and I'm filing this under "GONNA MAKE IT I SWEAR OMG." If you beat me to it, let me know how it was in the comments, and please send samples to the studio.
Loads Of WNY Folks Headed To The Olympics
There are also some WNW newbies to watch out for, here are more of our very own, new to the Olympics: Newcomer Codie Bascue of Whitehall will be driving the four-man bobsled for Team USA. Also, keep an eye for Rochester native Morgan Schild on the freestyle ski moguls course.

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