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Throwback Thursday – Val’s Dance Recital Photos
A few weeks ago I attended my niece's dance recital, and it brought back all sorts of memories about my own dance recitals -- which must have completely dominated my parents' time for more than a decade. Dance moms -- I give you so much credit...
WNY Weekend Preview
The Total Package Tour, beer festivals, comedy & more -- lots to do in WNY this weekend!
How To Care For Rainbow Hair
Thinking of going with rainbow hair this summer? I totally approve.

As someone who has been rocking alternatively colored hair since the 90s (thanks Glints and Manic Panic!), there’s a lot I’ve learned about maintaining your bright hair color for maximum longevity
Summer Bucket List – For Moms
Summer can go by way too fast and leave you feeling like you haven't accomplished all you set out to do in the early days of June. Here's our recommendations for definite to-do's for moms this summer.
Summer Toy Review: Gazillion Bubbles Tornado
We are no stranger to bubble machines in my house. With a 3 and 7 year-old in residence, we are the owners of many a bubble machine, wand assortment, and bubble shooters.
Likely because of the poor combination of soap and moving, mechanical parts -- these toys burn out quickly...
DIY Minecraft Storage Cube
I was shopping today and came across this:
Awesome, right? My kiddos love everything Minecraft. Except, this particular storage cube was $14.99! Last month, I made a Minecraft Creeper storage cube for literally $2 from the dollar store...
WNY Weekend Preview
Comedy, baseball, 5Ks, magic & fantasy? It's all happening in WNY this weekend!
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Buffalo’s Shemika Charles on America’s Got Talent
Buffalo's Queen of Limbo Shemika Charles advanced last night on America's Got Talent, after an impressive audition performance which included her limbo-ing under a truck! She's the first person to ever limbo under a vehicle!
According to her website Shemika "is a two-time…
Easy Summer Craft: Tie Dye T-Shirts
School's out next week for most students in WNY, which means we've got lots of time to fill up with activities for our kids! Now this one started out for us as a school activity -- kiddo needed a tie-dye shirt for class, and instead of doing things the easy way (go buy one duh) I did things the Val …
Top 10 Highest Paid Entertainers in the World
Think you're doing well financially?  Well here's your daily dose of reality courtesy of Forbes' annual ranking of the Top 10 highest paid entertainers.  Before you jump off a bridge, just know that this kind of money comes with a price.  LOL, no it doesn't, it jus…
Strawberry Fields (and Wine) Forever in WNY
In my humble opinion, the strawberry is the judge, jury, and executioner of the berry world.  It's always been my favorite (don't worry, blueberry, you take the top spot in my pie-flavor-favorite...and raspberry, you rule my jam world), starting with my childhood obsession with Strawb…

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