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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Dog
If you let your dog sleep in bed with you--it's really bad.
Researchers at the Mayo Clinc say that 60% of dogs sleep in their human's bed and that because of this their owners are getting really bad sleep.
Night after night after night...
Top 10 Signs You Are From Buffalo
Most people are VERY proud to be from Buffalo and Western New York. I lived all over the country and noticed that there are some sure-fire signs that someone is from Buffalo.
Three Falcon Eggs Hatch on Statler City Roof
Peregrine falcons have often made Buffalo's tallest buildings their home, and according to Statler City's "Falcon Cam" there are three new falcon residents in downtown Buffalo, with one egg left to hatch.
A Grocery Store is Coming to Downtown Buffalo!
It's been quite the process, but things are finally moving forward!
There is a lot that is between the library and the bus station that the grocery store will go. In the building there will be:

Orchard Fresh grocery
Highrise Apartments
Parking Ramp

The project, headed by Ciminelli say that they…

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