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[VIDEO] Val & Tony P’s SPEAK OUT Duets
Are you someone who is always looking for the perfect gift?  Well look no further!  If you are a fan of the 2016 must-have hit game 'Speak Out' then you are going to love the album 'Speak Out Duets' with Val & Tony P.  
Ned Flanders Goes Death Metal
If you listen to Mix, chances are you probably aren't a huge fan of metal music. Maybe you are, if so, give yourself some props for diversifying your music collection.
Now, while your playlists may not be full of Dio or Gwar, I implore you to take a moment at check out the new single from &q…
‘Because I Said So’ Week In Review
Did you catch every minute of 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend and Tony P this week?  Shame on you if you didn't, but fret not!  We have recapped some of the best moments from the week that was.  You're welcome.
We celebrated Local Restaurant Week!  …

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