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‘Because I Said So’ Week in Review – 8/13/17
One year is officially in the books!  Val and I would like to thank all of our amazing listeners for supporting our show and allowing us to continue to have fun on the air!  We promise to make the next 365 days better than the last 365.
If you missed anything from this past week you c…
Britney Spears Gets Attacked + Tony P’s Video [VIDEO]
On Wednesday night, during Britney Spears show in Las Vegas, a fan rushed the stage and was thought to have a gun.  Fortunately nobody was hurt, and the Princess of Pop is fine.
This story did bring me back to when I was at Britney's show in Las Vegas sitting stage side VIP style (tha…
Drums Along the Waterfront Interview [AUDIO]
On the show today we were joined by Jack Gaylord Jr, the creator of Drums Along the Waterfront, and performer Matt Tichy.  The event is this Sunday, August 6th at 7pm at New Era Field, and will be like nothing you've ever seen.
It was a lot of fun talking with the guys and hearing the passi…
Where Was Taylor Swift Celebrating Independence?
According to People, Taylor Swift decided to opt out of her annual star-studded July 4 bash this year.  There were no signs of a party over the weekend at her beach compound in Rhode Island. I mean what's the point of having a beach compound if you don't have a party...

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