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Mix 96 Celebrates National Pet Day
While most of us call them pets, they usually turn out to be more like family, and in their honor, we decided to celebrate National Pet Day on Mix 96!
Richie Incognito Set To Retire
Social Media started to blow with questions and guesses of what was going to happen next after Bills Guard Richie Incognito tweeted out this morning that, "He was Done!"
What Is Dave’s Real Name?
I joined the Mix Morning Show with Dave and Melody just a couple of months ago, but I was born and raised right here in West Seneca. So you don't remember me (Dave Fields) from school or sports? There is a good reason why!
Buffalo Is A Blue Cheese Town! [VIDEO]
Dave was shocked to find out that BOTH Melody and Rob prefer Ranch dressing on their wings instead of Blue Cheese. Dave is a hardcore Blue Cheese guy and it looks like most people in Buffalo agree!

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