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Big Game Party Winner’s Party [VIDEO]
Super-Sunday may have ended in disappointment, but it definitely started with a bang!  Val Townsend and I were at the home of the winner's of the Big Game Party Giveaway and we had a blast!
We showed up bearing gifts of food, drink, and cleaning services, but that did not stop the you…
Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Records (The Good Ones)
We all know what people think when you mention Buffalo Bills and Super Bowl in the same sentence.  Yes, they made history going to 4 straight Super Bowls...but after winning none of them they became a national joke.  Let's forget about that for now, and focus on some of the positive S…
Congratulations to the Big Game Party Winning Family!
It took a few days and thousands of votes but one of our finalists in the Big Game Party Giveaway has won!  Congratulations to the White family of Blasdell, they went all out with their submission and it paid off!
They have won the Big Game Party pack that includes food from Buffalo's Best …
Eric Jordan’s Big Game Day Predictions
This upcoming Sunday is the day football fans across the country look forward to all year, the big game! Now even though the Buffalo Bills will not be attending this year, I still will be watching.
I am not the biggest sports fan, so my predictions as far as the game goes are going to be very g…
Win a Party for The Big Game!
Enter to win a party for the big game for you and 10-15 of your closest friends or family. All you have to do is make a sign that says "Val and Tony Make Me a Big Winner for the Big Game Because I Said So!"
Take a picture of you with your sign and upload it here for your chance to w…
Apocalypse: Brady Makes 7th Superbowl
The AFC & NFC Championship games did not live up to the hype.  In the end, the Atlanta Falcons routed the Packers, and the New England Patriots took down the Steelers without breaking a sweat.
Now it's no secret, I am not a fan of Tom Brady.  Most ...

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