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‘Because I Said So’ Week In Review – 5/7/17
May is here, and although it has been a wet one it has still been a fun one!  If you missed any of 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend and Tony P you can get caught up right HERE!  Don't forget to tune in weekdays from 3-7pm, only on Mix96...
Throwback Thursday: Star Wars Movie Facts [AUDIO]
It's Throwback Thursday and we are going back 40 years to 1977, and to a galaxy far, far away.  Star Wars made an appearance on the big screen and the rest is history.  We have seen all of the movies and have enjoyed all of the nostalgia but as with anything, there is always more to k…
ALERT: Google Docs Phishing Scam
You've got mail!  We get it everyday, but if today after weeding through male enhancement and money from a Nigerian Prince spam, you come across an email that says you have been invited to edit Google Docs - DON'T OPEN IT!!
According to Reddit, the phishing scam invites you (from…
Eric Jordan’s Favorite Top 10 Free Apps
For a majority of us smart phones are a big part of our daily lives. Therefore having the right apps on your phone are important. We all have our favorite apps that improve our lives.
Here is a list of my Top 10 Free Apps on my phone!
What To Do In WNY This Weekend
Dance card not yet filled for the weekend? Check out all these fun happenings this weekend in WNY!
Matt Braunger
7:30 & 10:00 pm (Friday & Saturday)
Helium Comedy Club
From MadTV & NBC’s “Up All Night.”
You Should Back Up Your iPhone By April 7th — Here’s Why
One of the perks of Apple products and i-things is that they tout getting less viruses and being less hackable.  Well, stuff just got real for about 300 million iPhone users.
The Turkish Crime Family, a group of hackers, somehow got a list of at least 300 MILLION people's iCloud passwords..…
Is there Life on the Newly Discovered 7 Planets? [POLL]
For the first time in our history, astronomers have discovered seven earth size planets. According to WGRZ they are orbiting a nearby star and these new worlds could sustain life. With this new discovery comes many questions.
My first question is do you believe there is possibly life forms livi…
Western New Yorkers You Should Know: Marisa Wigglesworth
We had a chance to sit down with CEO/President of the Buffalo Museum of Science, Marisa Wigglesworth.
Find out all about the new Guitar - The Instrument That Rocked The World exhibit, upcoming permanent exhibits at the Museum, and when the observatory will finally be open to the public, after being c…

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