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The Solar City Site Is Also Planning Office Space
Watching growth in Western New York has become a regular event over the past few years. Now, the new $900-million Solar City complex will not only be the second largest solar panel production site in the world, it will also feature office and retail space.
This Paint Is Washable and Plenty of Fun for the Kids
As the father of a seven year old, I'm always looking for fun, easy things for my boy to do that doesn't cost too much. I've recently discovered a quick and easy homemade recipe for washable paint that my son Dylan can enjoy making and play with anywhere. This paint is easy to make an…
dPost Produces Major Market Presentations in Buffalo [VIDEO]
Here is another story of Buffalo, New York on the rise. There is a small business on Main Street in Buffalo producing BIG things. Beth Donovan says that this full-service production company handles many aspects of the work needed for broadcast commercials, corporate videos and corporate presentation…
Would Buffalo Survive a Nuke?
If you grew up in Buffalo during and up until the end of the Cold War you knew that Western New York (and specifically Niagara Falls due to the power it supplies for the East Coast) were on the then Soviet Union (Old Bad Guys) nuclear target list...

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