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Did You Know Tonawanda Was Once a Lake?!
Here's something I bet you didn't know: 10,000 years ago Tonawanda and the surrounding areas were covered by a massive lake!
The lake was located on the south side of the Niagara Escarpment east of the current location of the Niagara River in between Early Lake Erie and a Gla…
How To Spider Proof Your Home [VIDEO]
We live near Lake Erie and the air is moist. There are lots of spiders congregating on my house when it becomes warm out. My wife had me killing about four a day last year so this year I'm taking action. I don't want spiders on my house, they are gross and they freak my family out.
Letchworth State Park Viewed From Space From the ISS
Here's another cool find from the International Space Station from the NASA website of Letchworth State Park from last winter.
If you follow this link, you can actually zoom-in to pieces of the photo, or just go to the NASA page and kill countless hours (but it will LOOK like you&…
Amherst Holds Town Hall Meeting on ‘Vault Apps’
If the technology your kids have access to has your head spinning, you're not alone.  In the Mix Morning Rush studio, we always joke that if you're confused about something on your cool new smartphone, hand it to a 4-year-old – they'll figure it out in less than a minute...

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