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What To Do In WNY This Weekend
Dance card not yet filled for the weekend? Check out all these fun happenings this weekend in WNY!
Matt Braunger
7:30 & 10:00 pm (Friday & Saturday)
Helium Comedy Club
From MadTV & NBC’s “Up All Night.”
Dwyer Stadium in Batavia Has The BEST Sign
Before I get on the radio every day, I teach at Genesee Community College in Batavia, NY. I'm the Associate Professor of Communication and Media Arts, and teach courses in mass media, broadcasting, and social media.
Earlier today in my broadcasting class, we were discussing what makes videos go …
Laura Daniels Takes a Music Video Quiz [VIDEO]
Since the dawn of time... or at least for as long as I have know her, I associate Laura Daniels with a few things. One of those things being her insane knowledge of music videos. Not just some videos... all music videos. If one exits Laura knows of it...
How Expensive Are These Promposal’s? [AUDIO]
If you haven't heard the term Promposal, you're not alone.  It refers to the extreme ways that kids ask for a prom date these days.  It is a clever way to get a girl (or guy) to say yes, but how much is it gonna cost you?
Social media has definitely been the biggest reason b…
Tony P’s Kids Use Superstition to Get a Snow Day and it Works!
When I came home tonight from work, my 2 kids Gianni and Mia were both in their pajamas but something was wrong.  It was 7:30pm but I got the feeling that they wouldn't be going to bed anytime soon!
I first noticed my daughter wearing her nightgown inside out.  S...
Tony P Opens an Umbrella Indoors and Gets Bad News! [VIDEO]
Monday is National Open an Umbrella Indoors Day, which is dedicated to breaking superstitions like opening an umbrella indoors.  I am not afraid of these superstitions, I think they are silly.  I'm sure at some point when 'They' came up with the superstition it was because o…
Urban Outfitters Redefines ‘Crop-Top’
I'm pretty sure in all of the bonkers things I've seen Urban Outfitters sell, that this new "micro-tank" takes the crown of all things insane.
The retailer reportedly sells the micro-tank for $16, according to Teen Vogue. I cannot confirm nor deny the existence of this shi…

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