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Vehicle Meth Lab found in WNY
New York State Police have made charges after finding a meth lab inside a vehicle in Jamestown. According to WGRZ two suspects were been stopped in front of a convenience store when police made the discovery of the substances.
The suspects were a male and female aged 26 and 22-years-old. T…
Part 2 – Tony P. Goes Back to the Gym with Val
Since Tony's punishment for breaking his New Year's resolution was to do not just one, but TWO workouts with me -- he was forced to make good on the bet.
I heard from co-workers how much he was complaining since the first of his workouts with me
Is there Life on the Newly Discovered 7 Planets? [POLL]
For the first time in our history, astronomers have discovered seven earth size planets. According to WGRZ they are orbiting a nearby star and these new worlds could sustain life. With this new discovery comes many questions.
My first question is do you believe there is possibly life forms livi…
This Dumb Picture Scared Eric Jordan
So let me start by saying I scare easily. Today when I got into the studio I was looking out the window overlooking the City of Buffalo. Moments later I received a photo to my personal cell phone. The contact name wasn't displaying, but the photo I received was taken of me from a distance on th…
Hundreds Complain Their Ford Explorers Stink — Literally
What if instead of that "new car smell," your vehicle smelled like rotten eggs?
That's what appears to be happening to hundreds of Ford Explorer owners.
According to a CBS report, the smell of sulfur fills the vehicles when "accelerating with the air conditioning active…
Texting Tips from Eric Jordan and Nicki Minaj [VIDEO]
We all have our own pet peeves when it comes to certain things. Little did I realize, but I have many when it comes to text conversations with people. Listen above to hear those pet peeves.
Also here are some of the texting tips that Nicki Minaj tweeted out:
Ok if u ever text me a smiley f…

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