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What a $100,000 Cheeto Looks Like
Only in America would someone pay almost $100K for a Cheeto that looks like Harambe.
Here's the link, but in case it doesn't work, here's a screenshot.
Don't believe me?  It happened.
Can't we just let this poor guy rest in peace...
Woman Finds Money in Redbox Rental
I'm not lucky enough to find a quarter on the sidewalk let alone what this woman found in her Redbox rental. Imagine going to your local Redbox machine to rent a movie or a game and when the disc cartage pops out you notice more than the DVD inside...
Watch What Happens When We Put Rice Crispies On Everything
I saw some weird pics on Instagram a few weeks back, about people rice crispie-ing everything. I'm a huge fan of internet kitchen disasters, and being a kitchen disaster myself, I was intrigued.
So there was only one thing to do -- try rice crispie-ing a bunch of food that has no business being …
Beware of this Netflix Scam
Netflix users (ones that actually pay for it and not using friends login) you might want to double check your bank statement. Police are warning of users receiving a scam email, which gives the appearance of an authentic email from Netflix, asking for an update on account information.

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