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Watch What Happens When We Put Rice Crispies On Everything
I saw some weird pics on Instagram a few weeks back, about people rice crispie-ing everything. I'm a huge fan of internet kitchen disasters, and being a kitchen disaster myself, I was intrigued.
So there was only one thing to do -- try rice crispie-ing a bunch of food that has no business being …
Beware of this Netflix Scam
Netflix users (ones that actually pay for it and not using friends login) you might want to double check your bank statement. Police are warning of users receiving a scam email, which gives the appearance of an authentic email from Netflix, asking for an update on account information.
Yes, People are Really Asking Alexa To Do This [VIDEO]
This past Christmas the Amazon Echo in all it's variations were the hot items for under the tree. Ever since hilarious videos seem to come out on the daily of what you can ask "Alexa" (the virtual assistant) to do.
Now there is a new trend, people are really asking Alexa …
Owner and Dog Make Snow Angels Side by Side [VIDEO]
Anyone in the need of a quick fix happiness to brighten your day? This is bound to put smile on your face! Watch this adorable dog make snow angels with its owner!! Who said only people enjoy the winter??
Eventually when I am a "Dog Dad" I will train my pup to do the same! Doe…
Another Reason Why We Live in WNY!
The Western New York winters can be long and cold, and the sports seasons can seem even longer and colder.  We have been the butt of national jokes, and our biggest identity is arguably snow and the chicken wing.  You know what's great though...

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