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Traffic Tickets Make Buffalo Millions of Dollars
We have all had it happen to us at least once (Or I like to tell myself that to feel better), walked out to our vehicle to find a little orange envelope sitting on our windshield. Just this past week I was lucky enough to find not one but two traffic violation tickets on my windshield...
‘Because I Said So’ Week In Review – 1/7/17
A new year is upon us and we are happy to help kick it off with you!  The holidays are over but that doesn't mean a lot hasn't happened over the past week.  If anything it only got crazier.  Catch up on 'Because I Said So' with Val Townsend and Tony P right HERE...
Car Crash Involving Depew Police Vehicle
Two car crash involving patrol car at Broadway and Sherman in #Buffalo. Working to get details. @WGRZ
— Stephanie Barnes (@StephanieWGRZ) January 7, 2017
According to WGRZ a car crash between a car and a Depew police vehicle took place yesterday around 11 a...
Proposal at Waterfall Goes Terribly Wrong [VIDEO]
I'm sure we all have watched plenty of incredible proposal videos! You know.. the ones that give us the feels. Maybe just reliving your own proposal moment in your mind brings back great memories.
But for one couple they, and the rest of the world will remember their moment as tragic. A y.…
What Song Is My Toddler Singing?
Seriously, does anyone know? He seems very sure of the lyrics and pleased with his performance, but I'm still mystified about "The Sheep Song."
Pie Face Showdown With Val & Tony
What better way to spend a snowy afternoon than with some board games? It's National Whipped Cream Day too, so Pieface Showdown seemed like a solid choice.
Watch what happens here..
Best Xmas Gift From Boyfriend?
This week on Because I Said So we were talking about the best and worst Christmas presents you received.
What my friend's boyfriend got her *could* be both. Listen here:
RIP Robert Leo Hulseman, Inventor Of The Red Solo Cup
This week the inventor of the ubiquitous red Solo cup died, at the age of 84.
According to People Magazine, "Hulseman started working at Solo Cup Company when he was just 18. The company’s cone-shaped paper cups debuted in the 1940s, and continued providing all manner of disposable tableware thr…
GoFundMe Page Setup to ‘Protect Betty White from 2016′
2016 has been a CRAZY YEAR! Our election, Pokemon Go, and the insane amount of celebrity deaths! Just this month 2016 has taken Zsa Zsa Gabor, Alan Thicke, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and just last night Debbie Reynolds!
People are terrified what 3 more days of 2016 could mean for the celebr…

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