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RIP Robert Leo Hulseman, Inventor Of The Red Solo Cup
This week the inventor of the ubiquitous red Solo cup died, at the age of 84.
According to People Magazine, "Hulseman started working at Solo Cup Company when he was just 18. The company’s cone-shaped paper cups debuted in the 1940s, and continued providing all manner of disposable tableware thr…
GoFundMe Page Setup to ‘Protect Betty White from 2016′
2016 has been a CRAZY YEAR! Our election, Pokemon Go, and the insane amount of celebrity deaths! Just this month 2016 has taken Zsa Zsa Gabor, Alan Thicke, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, and just last night Debbie Reynolds!
People are terrified what 3 more days of 2016 could mean for the celebr…
Buffalo Bills Tickets Going for as Low as $3
Christmas is this Sunday, therefore this week is no longer a Bills Sunday but rather a Bills Saturday!  However tickets to see the  Buffalo Bills are not as desirable as they were at the beginning of the season.
I can assume this is due to the teams slim chances of making the play-off…
Woman in Tonawanda Tailgates Police Car
City of Tonawanda Police arrested 25-year-old Kaitlyn Kiszewski of Niagara Falls, after she allegedly nearly rear-ended and tailgated a police car. According to WKBW she was going 47mph in a 30mph zone.
When pulled over she also informed police that she had "eight jack and cokes&a…
Woman Takes the Longest Uber Ride in History
Uber is close to coming to New York State outside of NYC. I personally hope and pray nightly that we will have its services here in the queen city! But those in other states that have access to Uber may be taking advantage of the opportunity of having it...
Woman’s Fridge Hack is Brilliant!
My adult life just peaked
— Clare (@iliketweet) December 11, 2016
There is a special place in my heart for people that love wine as much as I do! This woman and I need to become best friends!
I was just browsing twitter when I found this incredible photo! Thi...
New Red Panda at the Buffalo Zoo! [VIDEO]
This is cuteness OVERLOAD! Check out the new red panda at the Buffalo Zoo!
It's name is Scout and I am weak from how adorable it is! According to WGRZ it came to us from the Memphis Zoo, and today is it's official debut in Buffalo!
I have never heard of a red panda before. May...
Would you Buy this Prison for Cellphones? [VIDEO]
There are few things that I hate more then when I am with a group of friends hanging out, and everyone is on their cell phone! Facebooking, Snapchatting, Tweeting, texting, etc. seems to distract those from their current surroundings.
This really drives me crazy when out to dinner or having a p…

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